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I'm so happy to share my paintings with you. These days it's not necessary to spend a bundle on an original work of art. Giclées are a wonderful way to posess beautiful artwork in your home for a fraction of the cost.

What is a Giclée?

The evolution of computer technologies has created a benefit for fine art printing. A fine art Giclée is created from the artist's original artwork. An extremely high resolution digital image of the artwork is made, then loaded into specially enhanced printers that output the digital image onto fine art paper or canvas. Since the digital image includes every subtlety and nuance of the original - including the smallest details of light and shadow such as the textures of the paint and canvas or paper - the fine art Giclée is often indistinguishable from the original work of art. Brush strokes have the appearance of brush strokes, even though they are only two dimensional images on paper. Typically, limited edition artwork is hand-signed by the artist indicating their personal approval of each work of art, then individually numbered to identify each work of art as a part of the total edition.

Ordering a Giclée Print:

Giclée prints are available for all of my paintings. All prints 11" x 14" and smaller are stretched canvas. There's no stretching for canvas larger than 11" x 14" due to extraordinary shipping costs. It will be cheaper for your frame shop to stretch or mount the canvas for you. I hope you are as inspired by my images as I was when I was moved to paint them.

Please contact me for custom sizes and to order prints.

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